The Yarn

Who is Tug Benson? Hell if I know folks. I can tell you this, he’s killed a man and he’ll kill again if he has to. There are two types of men; ones that run on a code and ones that don’t. In these times the difference can mean your life. Something has stricken this nation, something that turns crops to dust, that makes a body’s blood run cold so it doesn’t feel when it steals, when it abandons, or when it kills. The Depression is on and there ain’t no end in sight.

Corapeake is owned by one man, H.R. Whitworth. He bought the land to mine, to harvest cotton, to make lumber. The town is pumping organ that feeds the fire that is American consumption. Whitworth has gotten rich off the needs of the nation and the sweat of the town’s inhabitants. Unions that promise the workers a few hours respite or a measly increase in pay are at Whitworth’s beck and call. He owns the police and the mayor. H.R. has his world under complete control, but for how long? There are murmurs of revolt around. The workers are desperate and in time it will take more than a bullet to stop them.

So who the hell is Tug Benson? He’s a man with a code. He believes in right and wrong. When he enters Corapeake it is not to assist the workers of the town, but to get home to his father, to the thing he killed for.  Unfortunately, Tug the train hopping vagrant has walked into a whirlwind and can’t find his way out. Corapeake binds.