the comics desert

Hey folks,

It’s been so long since we’ve talked and I have been working on ol Tug, I’ve got some pages coming for ya. Due to the ol recession your friend Ben Passmore has been working his drawlin fingers to the bone to so as I can get more inks and things for further Tug adventures.

Somethings to tide you over: I post other work on my blog ( I sell some stuff on etsy (, sales of stuff go toward some great collectives and of course yours truly. Hopefully Tug will find a new home on the Slave Labor Graphics website and print copies will be available. That means I’ll be pulling this site down at a time that I have yet to conjure in my mind. That last bit is some good news for me since I’ve always wanted Tug to be a real live book. Anyway, I know you’re all just chomping at the bit to get to some of that old time fisticuffs, so hang on until August 18, when I’ll be posting  some brand new pages!

Until next time!


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