The Little Red Song Book.

The Little Red Book is a collection of I.W.W songs there were created and used to spread the Wobs message of the One Big Union, the idea that all workers should organize into one autonomous collective. They often adapted popular songs at the the time and reworded them. Lots of fun.

Utah Phillips, a folk singer and labor organizer, has done a number of the songs all kinds of justice.

I was scouring the book’s contents to find a tune I could use for up coming chapters. I ended up spending an afternoon listening to Billy Bragg, which is more work than pleasure. Union songs are done pretty poorly overall, really cheesy. I concede that they are already really hokey due to their age, but sometimes folks get them right.

Two posts is a little excessive maybe, but I’ve been gone a while.


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  1. your friend erin

    YO did you know that the beehive has a copy of the Little Red Book? It’s on our house shrine, which includes pictures of our house from 1890, an original copy of the grangers songbook (union farmer songs from the early 1900’s), and photos of the man our hose was built for… the lumber baron of washington county. His name was CLARK PERRY and I moon his photo all the time.


    i’m coming home in december- looking forward to hanging out!

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