On The Great White North par dux

Not sure how you spell that. I’m waiting for my ride from North Hampton to New York, where Kate an I are rendezvousing for our train ride to T Dot. Big fun in Canada let me tell you. I’ve got this hankering to sell sell sell some mini comics.

I realized yesterday that I haven’t drawn Tug in a while, and even though he’s only going to be in the next chapter for a sec I felt like I should brush up on him. So here’s some sketchy sketches of em.

I just heard an interview of Daniel Clowes, who is my current favorite along with Gabby Shulz. That guy is a beast, I’ve been buying up all his books lately from Cresent City Comics.

Chapter 5 is coming on, just had a break through while I was sketching in GB’s local coffee hut. I was huddled against the  ever expanding mass of New Yorkers stuffing themselves into my hometown. I feel the urge to punt them into the frikken quarry when they give me that, “Man I thought I got away from all the blacks and/or hoboes and/or Liberals and/or hippies and/or young people out here. I guess I shouldn’t whine, they’re keeping the money pumping into a town even I refuse to live in.

My mom is getting into harvesting wild plants for use in drinks and food. We clipped sumac and chicory by the road the other. I know, “mind the run off blah blah blah.” We’re a harder sort out here okay, and anyway it was a cute moment.

I was thinking that I should post more ref and even put some articles about recent labor struggles going down. IF any of you have any thoughts on the later let a bro know.

Stay (What have you.)


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  1. Karin Passmore

    Most tourists know Gt Barrington is hippy central, and overwhelmingly liberal-democrat; Arlo Guthrie and all that. The only person to rate a wall-mural is WEB DuBois, NAACP founder. But most of us locals dissappear from downtown during the summer and I suppose tourists have come to expect the only folks they’ll see are other tourists. Mom

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