Deleted scenes

So I spent all day yesterday reformatting all my big hooking comic pages and dropping them into my mini-comic template, which just involves buckets of wrist cramps and watching the rainbow pinwheel spin. At the end I realized I had miscounted the page amount when I made the dummy copy so I had three blank pages in the middle of my comic. So basically I spent 12+ hours on my book and in order to fix my mistake I’d have to spend another 12. So I did some quick coffee fueled thinking and decided to just add three brand new pages in the middle and keep it all formatted as is.

What I did was add a short scene of Eddie in his room. It’s after he walks defeated from Whitworth’s mansion. The three pages start after this one.

I don’t think I’ll include these pages into the final book, but it I think they’re kind of cool for the mini-comic.


  1. Karin Passmore

    I love those pages because they give the deeper insight into his motives.

  2. delep

    Probably a dumb question - but what is an avatar? And why do I need one?

    If I can find the movie on the 11th - I plan to go with Dave. Take care! Delep

  3. Benjamin

    it’s the little profile picture that shows up next to your post. You don’t need need one

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