When It Comes:p7
May 10th, 2010

When It Comes:p7

Get your mother something good? No? I forgive you, even if she won’t.

Anyway, I wanted to comment about the content of Downey’s sermon. Though Industrial unionists are generally atheists, or at least scorn organized religion, I’m not personally slogging christians on this page. What I wanted to show was the church’s respond to objects many folks had to the misery the bosses handed out to their pions. My opinion on the validity of the church is still undecided, but I will say that any excuse for inaction against injustice, is exactly that, a mere excuse. But I won’t damn folks like Downey, it is possible for him to hold his religious views and be active in this world. If nothing else the bible’s content is flexible enough to cosign just about any side of an argument.

apologizes to Mom.

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  1. Karin Passmore

    If you choose to walk the right path then you’ve given your mother something good; nothing else matters. Love, M.

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