You Can’t Scare Me:p14
Monday — July 11th, 2011

You Can’t Scare Me:p14


the comics desert

Hey folks,

It’s been so long since we’ve talked and I have been working on ol Tug, I’ve got some pages coming for ya. Due to the ol recession your friend Ben Passmore has been working his drawlin fingers to the bone to so as I can get more inks and things for further Tug adventures.

Somethings to tide you over: I post other work on my blog ( I sell some stuff on etsy (, sales of stuff go toward some great collectives and of course yours truly. Hopefully Tug will find a new home on the Slave Labor Graphics website and print copies will be available. That means I’ll be pulling this site down at a time that I have yet to conjure in my mind. That last bit is some good news for me since I’ve always wanted Tug to be a real live book. Anyway, I know you’re all just chomping at the bit to get to some of that old time fisticuffs, so hang on until August 18, when I’ll be posting  some brand new pages!

Until next time!


Hello Fellow travelers,

Due to a number of crazy circumstances the next chapter for Tug is taking longer than I expected. I hope to have something to you by next week, as long as New Orleans doesn’t crash down around me.

Chapter 9

Hey folks

I’m working diligently on the next chapter for you and I’m pretty excited about it. A character is going to come back, while another is going to have a big ol secret revealed. My suggestion is to go back and read chapter 2 again while your waiting, hint hint.

Expect the first page of Chapter 9: Fall next week!


Alright Guys, I’m back!

I just rolled in from Austin and I’m ready to………roll.

Brian’s a little dusty.

New page Thursday.

On the road ah-geen.

So it turns out I can’t stay put more than a few weeks. Nov. 3rd-ish I’ll be hoping on my bicycle and riding over to Austin TX. I’ve avoided watching Easy Rider so that I don’t die of anxiety while going through western Louisiana. During the three weeks I’ll be gone the site will still be posting comics, but it’ll be only on Thursdays.

Wish me luck!


So it’s gonna be about a week for the next chapter to start. I’m going off to Annapolis to see my friend Keith get married. The adventure beings, right?

I’ve been reading a good book about IWW struggles in Washington during 1912 to 1920 called Wobbly Wars. It covers the process of IWWs arriving in the area and battling local bosses, craft unions, business groups, secret societies, ect, ect. Meanwhile, some friends of mine have been victims of political incarceration. So the issues around free speech and activism are in 3-D right now.

See ya’ll in a week!

Freedom From Want

a poem for the 1919 Seattle general strike by Anise

what scares them most is
They are ready
They have machine guns
And soldiers,
Is uncanny. The business men
Don’t understand
That sort of weapon . . .
It is your SMILE
Their reliance
On Artillery, brother! It is the garbage wagons
That go along the street
Marked “EXEMPT
by STRIKE COMMITTEE.” It is the milk stations
That are getting better daily,
And the three hundred
WAR Veterans of Labor
Handling the crowds
For these things speak
That they do not feel
At HOME in.

Wobbly Lingo

Oh, Wikipedia how useful you are to me! I always feel a little lame using Wikipedia for anything, but in this case this is a solid rundown of Wobbly lingo. I have not and do not plan to use a ton of lingo in the book. It could make for labored reading in an already hard to read book. I try to put it in were it would obstruct the gist of what is being said. It’s kind of a fun read anyway.